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Jits Jamming – Flow Motion

June 21, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - June 22, 2019 @ 7:00 pm


Jits jamming is a non-competitive way to learn and practice the art of jiu-jitsu with sustainability at the forefront of the practice, reduced injury and a softer method to learn different combative movement patterns that involve both standing and newaza (floor work/ground techniques) elements.

We will work and elaborate on the idea of 地稽古 jigeiko (translated from Japanese as ‘free practice’) where neither participant focuses on the result of the exchange, but both assist each other to maximize their practice.

Flow motion |
Control and composure is at the core of the art.

How can we keep our composure in a high stress environment? By working with a low to mid-range level of stress, we are able to practise qualities that we can later embody back into the same high stress environments. Putting our own intentions of control aside and placing collaboration at the forefront of the practice, we are able to develop our sensitivity with our partners and engage in a multitude of ways to explore and discover new movement pathways and patterns.

Force and power is not what allows us to find our flow or to create a harmony with our partner. Through collaborative drills and playing with the idea of ego and the aim of winning and losing, we become the conductors of a physical score that continually develops to contain more nuance, sensitivity and technical prowess.

Flow motion is about being able to be unafraid of close contact, finding a sustainable way to stay in challenging scenarios and discarding the necessity to strike. By learning how to move around, through and with force, we find ways to fluidly interchange roles between being controlled and being the one controlling to understand both the role of the initiator and the defender.

Phase I : The workshop will begin with a slower tempo with solo exercises on the floor building up our awareness of our body’s relationship with the space and our relationship to each other. Flowing from the floor space to our feet and hands, we will freely explore the level and planes of movement and challenge the element of directionality in quadrupedal, standing, lying down, sitting and more. Throughout the course of the workshop, we will be using our partners in the space as points of references to explore the space with a combination of solo and partner exercises to build a level of understanding of partner connection, sensitivity and to study the concept of producing force and energy transfer between bodies.

Phase II : we will more closely study the different levels of engagement within the art of jiujitsu which include the seated guard, the active guard from lying down, passing (standing position), inversion floor work positions and from a combative base (one knee up – one knee down)

We will establish a base vocabulary of movement and introduce the general aims of where we aim to be in relation to our partner and space in the practice of jiu-jitsu.

Free partnering |

free partnering is the playing field of which flow motion can take place. Traditionally in jiujitsu, a fight is usually between two people and techniques are taught to be used in a scenario which includes only 2 people. In free partnering, we encourage the space and the participants to engage with 2 or more people and use the space as a lab to experiment and observe the exchanges.

For martial artists, dancers, movers with an open mind and comfortable with body to body contact
Pre requisites : comfortable with contact, willingness to learn and engage and an open mind!

Athletic or loose fitting clothes are recommended. Long pants recommended.


Margot Ciccarelli


Local Motion London
Planet Organic, 52 Garratt Lane
London, SW18 4FT United Kingdom
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