With a class offering focused on whole body conditioning, natural movement and bodyweight mastery, training at Local Motion will change the way you think about fitness forever!

Mix and match multiple disciplines to create the perfect training experience. Our classes incorporate what we believe to be the four essential elements to build a well rounded movement practice.


These classes will focus on building a strong foundation, challenging the body through organic whole body workouts whilst developing mobility, flexibility and strength. You will learn bodyweight skills and tools to seek out and remedy weak links whilst building awesome strength.


Burn calories, torch fat and build a lean, functional physique with our range of classes designed to get you into amazing shape.


Our Yoga classes  will help you improve flexibility and posture whilst bringing awareness to the body. The dynamic nature of these classes will increase range of motion and build strength whilst simultaneously giving you access to a broader movement vocabulary.


An often neglected part of training, these classes will help you bring awareness to both breathe and body whilst providing a restorative practice.